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I think the best thing about Amok Time is that it is canon that satisfying the Pon Farr is equivalent to marriage on Vulcan. Usually this is done with sex, and since T’Pring challenged the winner would have gotten to marry her via sex while the loser would have been dead…

but since Jim didn’t die, spock satisfied his Pon Farr with him, AND he did no frickle frackle with T’Pring, for all intents and purposes, Jim and Spock are canonically married by Vulcan law.

And idk I just picture that the next time T’Pau calls spock she’s just like “and how fares your husband” and spock is just like “hold up what husband.”

T’Pau: “your husband. James Kirk.”


T’Pau: “You rolled with him in the sands and did not die. He lives and therefore he is your husband. You rOLLED WITH HIM IN THE SACRED SANDS GRANDSON. Also your father and mother believe he is. Your mother has knitted him sweaters.”


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Your players are faced with an ancient Sumerian curse! However, since the early ancient Sumerian language was only used for recording tax debts, it turns out to actually be an ancient Sumerian bill.

and therefore they need to get hold of some ancient Sumerian coinage and bring it to the ruins of the ancient Sumerian tax office, because the Sumerians had a pleasingly direct way of preventing tax evasion, namely horrifying curses.

well I don’t have any coin but I have these copper ingots, lovely copper ingots, from a very reputable merchant, never heard a word said against him, very thorough with his paperwork, anyway they’re guaranteed pure copper and proper weight, so can I pay my tax with those?

I just want everyone to take a step back for a second and really think about how we’re using the most powerful knowledge tool in history to make jokes about a specific dude who lived almost 4000 years ago.

it’s fuckin wonderful, is what it is.

I love that Ea-Nasir is so famous 4000 years later that we can make jokes about him without mentioning his name


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y’all notice how black panther quietly but fervently rejects western assumptions about women in non-western countries by not only displaying Wakandan women in a variety of influential positions but by making clear that only outsiders question them

women are shown in all levels of Wakandan society – Ramonda as a trusted advisor for her son, Shuri as the country’s leading innovator, Okoye and the Dora as respected warriors, Nakia as a spy and philosophical compass, unnamed women who serve as tribal representatives and spiritual leaders. it is not at any point suggested that their gender is a barrier to achieving anything in Wakanda.

there’s a moment during T’Challa’s crowning that’s small but very good, when M’baku questions letting a child handle the country’s technological advancement. he specifically calls her a child, not a girl, questioning her youth and perceived lack of respect for tradition but not her gender, which flies in direct defiance of many western assumptions about how masculine non-western men like M’baku treat women and girls.

that moment, as far as I recall, the most any Wakandan man ever directly disrespects a woman. a lot has been made of how much faith T’challa places in his female relatives and warriors, so I won’t rehash that, but it’s Good.

Ross briefly insults Okoye with his assumption that she doesn’t speak English, but 1.) the narrative and the audience both understand this to be an ignorant statement on Ross’ part for which he is promptly put in his place by Okoye herself and 2.) Ross immediately learns and does better. when he wakes up in Wakanda his disbelief is only for the level of the technology, not that a teenage girl is the mastermind behind it, and during the final fight he defers to Shuri’s guidance despite his piloting expertise.

a lot of words have already been written about Killmonger’s treatment of black women: the casual murder of his partner, his disregard and abuse of a spiritual leader, the slaughter of a Dora. it’s just one of many parts of his ideology that mark him as fundamentally misunderstanding Wakanda and being an Other in the kingdom.

Wakanda is a futuristic fantasyland that makes absolutely no narrative room for men who don’t respect the authority of women.


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No but hear me out: dwarven opera

The idea is already widely present with Terry Pratchett’s dwarves, but let’s apply it to the Hobbit movie ones

And I don’t just mean like “dwarves have opera somewhere in their dim cultural history,” no I mean a thriving present opera scene that’s a huge part of daily life

Think about it: every dwarf can play an instrument. They seduce Bilbo onto the quest by singing him the song of their people

Imagine grand, sweeping Wagnerian (without the gross overtones) dwarven opera. It’s long, it’s bombast, it goes on for hours (dwarven endurance, hey!) The stories are intricate, the vocal ranges sweeping. This is none of your namby-pamby Elvish crap (unless we’re talking Second Age Noldor Baroque because ok fine they can come too).

Thorin’s coronation actually includes as entertainment the first two hours of the opera that will one day make up the Quest for Erebor Cycle. This is par for the course for Thorin, he’s already been represented in the Azanulbizar Cycle and the legendary Fall of Erebor (in that one as a minor character). 

Bilbo has no idea what’s going. It takes him until about 90 minutes in to realize that it’s even about a story he was a part of, since it starts much sooner with some truly lengthy arias by Thorin as he assembles the Company, bids goodbye to his sister, and makes his impassioned plea to the Seven Clans for aid. However when he does recognize himself (it’s difficult, they’ve stuck a beard on his character for reasons he cannot fathom but have everything to do with Dwarven Opera Tradition), and realize that he has absolutely been cast as the love interest and what’s more, this whole thing is eventually going to be nine hours long, well, let’s just say that his lessons in tea-time propriety come in very handy for sitting with a pleasant smile through all of it

(He catches Thorin singing the songs to himself in private wearing a silly grin, and Thorin has to explain how excited he is to finally have a song about him that isn’t all blood and guts. Dwarven operas can be… intense, at times)

as an opera fan: oh HELL YES 

tbh The Hobbit (movie based, just cut the Video Game Legolas stuff) would make a GREAT opera 

also: who would be opera!Thorin? THIS GUY 

he already has the look and he’s a bass-baritone

I’m fucking crying this is great

So I get the Met catalogue and I SAW THIS PICTURE of him in… was it… Nabucco? And I almost LOST MY MIND. I dare anyone to tell me that the character/costume design wasn’t influenced XD

If Harry had gotten a less conventional, but more loving adoptive family…


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you so much for your kind letter of the 17th. It is always a pleasure
to hear from you. I do appreciate your waiving the rules about
familiars to allow Wednesday to bring little Homer – she dotes on
that spider, and I don’t think she could consider Hogwarts home
without his company.

were delighted but completely unsurprised by the children’s Sorting.
Of course Wednesday is a Ravenclaw – she has always had a brilliant
mind, and it is rather traditional for the women in our
family. Slytherin might have been a possibility, with her cleverness
and ambition, but sadly (and quietly, between friends) I must admit
the wrong sort have rather taken over that House at the moment. Death
Eaters are so vulgar. Gomez, naturally, is over the moon about
our little Harry being a fellow Gryffindor – the world does need more
dashing, brave, and reckless men. They make life so interesting for
the rest of us, don’t you agree? And I am certain he will be safe
under your care, after his rather difficult start in life, poor
child. That aunt and uncle of his are just too terribly common to
protect him adequately – I am grateful Albus saw sense and left him
with us rather than her.

appreciate your bringing to my attention the small difficulty between
Harry and Draco – I shall have a word with Narcissa. (Lucius is still
being terribly silly about that little peacock incident, and refuses
to speak to Gomez at all. Men can be so ridiculously proud. And they
really did look so much better in black.) Really, though, Harry was
only defending his friend. I probably should warn you that Wednesday
writes that she is teaching young Longbottom a few of her more subtle
defenses – I sincerely doubt Draco will trouble him in future if he
uses those. I assure you, none of them cause permanent damage, only
temporary discomfort, and she is well aware that they are only for
self-defense, not mere childish aggression. Addamses do not start
fights, but we do finish them, and Wednesday has always looked out
for her brothers.

least that little incident allowed you to see Harry’s flying skills
in time to recruit him for the Quidditch team. I think he shall be an
excellent Seeker – he was always the best at bat-spotting on summer
evenings, and then there was the time he “borrowed” Gomez’s
broom to rescue Pugsley’s pet octopus Aristotle, who had developed an
unaccountable taste for tree-climbing, but had neglected to learn how
to climb down. It was a successful rescue, even though he was mildly hampered on his descent by Aristotle clinging to his face in terror.

send my apologies to Severus for that unfortunate incident in Potions
class. I should have warned him that Wednesday was experimenting
with, shall we say, some variant recipes. I am quite certain,
however, that Miss Parkinson’s hair will grow back normally, and that
the snakes are only a temporary embellishment.

best regards, and do drop by for tea if you ever happen to be in the
neighborhood. Thing has perfected your favorite shortbread recipe – I
do believe he has a little crush on you. Or perhaps it is merely that
you are the only visitor we have had, outside of family, who is
sensible enough to shake hands with him without flinching.




This is spot-on wonderful